Friday, April 24, 2015

Welcome to Legally Speaking!

The aim of our new forum "Legally Speaking"  is to introduce the McManus and McManus Law Firm and share what you can expect from the McManus and McManus Law Firm. Along the way we'll share legal thoughts and insights. Of course we'll always welcome any legal question you might have too!

At the McManus and McManus Law Firm in Toledo, Ohio, we understand the needs and expectations of clients when it comes to delivering practical legal advice quickly and concisely. Our lawyers and staff are experienced and ready to deal with your time-sensitive demands. We take great pride in our professional careers as lawyers and to taking the time to learn about your legal needs and specific objectives. We are always on top of evolving laws and we make sure our clients are always prepared to address them.

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  1. Call Alex I already read your thing but I'm glad you're here and I'm hoping you're here some other people is just get bored and just have me run across this blind question is Mr McManus putting my mom in a care facility basically without giving me due process but to make a long story short my mom's been there she's caught covid and recovering every time me and my sister visit her she said she's hungry and now my sister found some very disturbing things and I've asked Mr McManus attorney at law even Mr Marcus who says he's his brother to and I explained him the situation to contact him about seeing my mother without being in the facility now that's an easy comment and I'm sure he has a cell phone he has not responding to me curious so I'm wondering why he hasn't responded me

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